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Spread the Word

FSDC by Regal, a leading provider of firearm safety equipment worldwide, wants to help you play a part in saving lives.


Despite the tireless efforts of organizations across the U.S, suicide rates continue to climb and lives are tragically lost every day.  Firearms are used in the majority of suicides with easy access being a contributing factor. 

FSDC offers safe storage solutions that add time between a suicidal impulse and any suicidal actions, reducing the chances of an actual suicide attempt.  Additionally, FSDC can provide custom messaging and promotional items to help direct those in crisis towards help.

“Removing access to firearms and other lethal means allows time for both the moment of intense suicidal crisis to pass, and for someone to intervene with potentially lifesaving mental health support and resources.”
– American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

In response to this need, FSDC has created a series of 12 gun lock safety videos available on YouTube to be shared widely to promote suicide prevention and child safety, as well as deter unauthorized use of guns. We invite you to sample and share the videos presented below.

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Who can help by sharing these videos?

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Government agencies (federal, state, local)

  • Military branches and institutions

  • Veterans organizations

  • Non-profits 

  • Universities, colleges, schools

  • Healthcare organizations

  • Community and neighborhood organizations

  • Concerned individuals

Sharing Opportunities
Here’s a list of ways you can help:

  1. We've created a LinkedIn post we invite you to re-post on your LinkedIn profile. Click here.

  2. Email the link to others, bringing them to the web page you're reading now.

  3. Email the link to others, bringing them to our YouTube Channel featuring the gun safety videos.

  4. Share links described above to promote in organization newsletters (printed or electronic), as well as in other printed communications.

  5. Create your own email campaign to share this content.

  6. Bring this program to the attention of decision-makers in your organization for ideas of usage.

  7. Share links and embeds of the videos on your websites, blogs, etc.

  8. Consider partnering opportunities to promote gun safety with FSDC by Regal, the creator of these videos. Learn more at

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