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Choose a 15" gun cable lock for a fast, easy solution for firearm safety

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Includes 2 Keys

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Keeps your family safe by preventing accidents and unauthorized firearm use

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Fits most pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, modern sporting rifles, BB-guns, as well as paintball, pellet, and airsoft guns

Gun cable locks are an excellent deterrent for those considering self-harm

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“Limiting a person’s access to methods of killing themselves dramatically decreases suicide rates in communities.”
– American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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Also use for any sort of storage you want to secure

  • Cabinets

  • Gates

  • Compartments

  • Motorcycle helmets

  • And more!

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Don H.

“Feel a whole lot better knowing that my Sig is safely guarded and stowed away. Gives me a piece of mind knowing my little one wont be able to accidentally discharge it.”

Briea Clay

“Though this is intended for locking up a gun I have been using these for locking up the cabinets that my liquor is stored in. It works great for peace of mind with kiddos and teenagers.”


“Love that these are California compliant!!! Good to use with just about any handgun, revolver, and shotgun. It also fists most AR's as well. It is strong and solid quality.”
We’ve got a LOCK on safety. And More.
FSDC website header bg.jpg
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15" Gun Cable Lock with 2 Keys

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