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For more than two decades, Regal Products has worked with highly qualified domestic and international vendors to ensure the integrity of our manufacturing processes and component parts. All Regal Products cable lock products meet the strict requirements of the California Department of Justice, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Maryland Handgun Roster Board.

The production process comprises engineering review, design, prototype with review, final design, tooling with production sampling, final approval and production. Final product is certified by domestic and international independent testing labs.

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"We have had a long term exceptional relationship with Regal. Their knowledge and input from design to final product procurement has been great!"

– Drew H

"Merchandising Coordinator – Firearm Manufacturer, IL


“Great company to do business with.  Excellent customer service and fast turnaround time.”

Matt S. Purchasing – Firearm Manufacturer, PA


“You guys have always treated us right, can see doing business together for quite a while.”

CFO – Firearm Manufacturer, Philippines 


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