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Safeguard your family and others to prevent tragedy and unauthorized firearm use

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Metal Gun Case

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FSDC encourages gun owners to safely secure their firearms – to stop accidents and unauthorized use from occurring. We're proud to provide solutions designed to save lives. Research has shown that any barrier that adds time between suicidal impulse and action reduces the chance of an actual

suicide attempt.

Also use to lock up:

  • Cash

  • Jewelry

  • Passports

  • Credit cards

  • Watches

  • Checkbooks

       ... and other valuables. 

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Internal size is 9”x 6”, suitable for placing in a drawer or under a car seat.

External cable allows case to be locked to a fixed object for extra protection.

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Thomas Jody

“This lockable storage box is exactly what I need for air travel."

Ean Corbet

”Great case, awesome value and my 38 special fits in perfectly.”

Tantor Unk Mangani

“Very sturdy, strong and lightweight. I use this to store medicines in our fridge at work.”
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Can be locked and placed in checked baggage per TSA requirements. 

We’ve got a LOCK on safety. And More.
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Choose safe storage from

FSDC by Regal.

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